To save you lots of time before (and after) May 25, 2018, you can use our GDPR tool for your processing index.



RSForm Pro is a well known form generator component for Joomla. When you use a form you could collect personal data. If so, you have to inform people how the data is saved and transmitted, how long you store it and if you transmit it to other recipients.

RSForm Pro

RSForm Pro is an advanced form component to create your own forms in Joomla. It has multilingual, conditional fields, responsive layout, captcha protection, possibility to add custom PHP code.


RSForm Pro and GDPR

  • RSForm Pro can be configured to send an email notification to the visitor and the site admin. Even if your site is working with SSL (so under https:// ) the email will probably be sent in plain text.
  • By default RSForm Pro adds the submitted form data in the database. In case of email problems it's nice to have a backup of the submissions in your database. However if you do not remove the old submissions manually, they will remain in your database for ever.
  • There is a handy CLI script available to remove all data older than 1 month:
    (Technical info: This script can run automatically if it is added as cron tab on your server)
  • Information from the developer RSJoomla about creating GDPR Compliant forms with RSForm Pro: 

General tips for forms 

What you have to to consider when using forms on your website:

  • Only collect necessary data. On a normal contact form you don't need birthdate or address.
  • Use https on your website to secure the data that is being communicated through the form.
  • Email notifications will probably be sent in plain text from your server to the visitor and/or administrator.