One of the requirements of the GDPR is to know which personal data you are collecting, processing, sharing in your organisation. To do that you have to create a Processing Index and you could use our GDPR Tool for that.



  • Awareness

    1. Awareness

    Principles of GDPR

    • Lawfulness, fairness and transparency
    • Purpose limitation
    • Data minimisation
    • Accuracy
    • Storage limitation
    • Integrity and confidentiality
    • Accountability
  • Processing Index with

    2. Processing Index

    We help creating this with many examples.

    • What personal data do you process?
    • Which are the effected persons?
    • How long do you store the data?
    • Who are recipients of your data?
    • How do you protect that data?
  • Privacy Statement

    3. Privacy Statement

    Explain to your visitors, clients:

    • what personal data you process
    • what data you transfer 3rd parties
    • how long you store it
    • how they can contact you
  • Processor contracts

    4. Processor Contracts

    If you transfer data to 3rd parties, you have to make contracts to ensure the processors are also GDPR compliant. Contracts have to include:

    • what personal data you are processing
    • if there are recipients
    • how the processor is compliant
    • what are the technical and organisational measures
  • DPIA / DPO

    5. DPIA / DPO

    Determine the need of:

    • Data Protection Impact Assessment: is there high risk for the freedom and rights of natural persons?
    • Data Protection Officer: Do you process personal data on a large scale? Or sensitive data?
  • EU Citizens

    6. Rights of EU Citizens

    Right to ...

    • be informed
    • get access
    • get the data corrected
    • cancellation ("right to be forgotten")
    • restriction of processing
    • data portability
    • object

Processing index with GDPR Tool

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