On this page we will inform you about news items that are related to the GDPR, and about our GDPR tool for creating a processing index that is needed to comply with the GDPR.


The Privacy Shield does not comply with the GDPR

The Privacy Shield does not comply with the GDPR. The trans-Atlantic agreement, which regulates the protection of personal data of EU citizens processed in the US, has been annulled by the European Court of Justice. 

GDPR-Desicions in the GDPR-Hub (Screenshot)

With the GDPRHub, noyb has published a database that offers summaries of GDPR-decisions from all over Europe in the form of a wiki.

Facebook Fanpages

Collecting data on Facebook has always been criticized by privacy advocates. Now there is a court ruling that takes operators of Facebook fanpages in obligation.

Strong increase in privacy complaints in The Netherlands

The number of privacy complaints submitted to the Authority for Personal Data (AP) continues to rise sharply. According to the AP, more than 15,000 people filed a complaint in the first half of 2019, compared to approximately 9,000 in the second half of 2018.

Processing Index Demo

After the great hype and the tension surrounding the General Data Protection Regulation in spring 2018 and the relatively quiet summer that followed, our personal experience is that still many organizations haven't finished compliance with GDPR. The processing index, an internal documentation requirement, is usually not yet implemented.

The Dutch bank Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers has paid a fine of €48,000 to the Dutch Personal Data Authorities for non-compliance with the right to access one's own personal data.

Privacy Shield agreement

The European Union has warned the United States that it still has three months to comply with the Privacy Shield Agreement. The agreement that came into force in July 2016 regulates the transfer and storage of consumer data between Europe and the USA.

Dutch tax authorities GDPR

From 1 January 2019 the Dutch tax authorities must stop using the Citizen Service Number (BSN) in the VAT number of self-employed persons with a sole proprietorship. The Dutch Data Protection Authority has reported that the Tax and Customs Administration has no legal basis to use the citizen service number in the VAT identification number.

Improvements in our GDPR Tool

Thanks to the feedback of our users we have made a couple of improvements in our GDPR tool that helps you to create a processing index. Furthermore we plan to include new features soon, like copying processing activities.

gdpr violation

A Dutch Consumers' Association concludes that a large majority of 150 well-known websites in the Netherlands are in breach of the new privacy act GDPR. The new European privacy act, which in the Netherlands is called the AVG (General Data Protection Regulation), contains specific requirements for websites regarding cookies.

Dutch Tax and Customs Administration GDPR

According to the Dutch State Secretary for Finance, Menno Snel, the Tax and Customs Administration need another year to be able to comply with the new European Privacy Act GDPR. The GDPR entered into force on 25 May but the Dutch IRS is not yet ready for GDPR.

GDPR a practical approach

On June 5, Peter of data2.eu gave the presentation "AVG - een praktische invulling" (In English: GDPR - a practical approach), about how companies and organizations should deal with their website, webshop and newsletter in the context of the GDPR.