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Breezing Forms GDPR

Breezing Forms is a form generator component for Joomla.  With forms you could collect personal data. If you collect personal data then you have to inform people how that data is saved and transmitted, how long you store it and if you transmit it to other recipients.

Breezing Forms

Breezing Forms is a free Joomla form generator extension. It enables you to create any kind of feedback form in a very short time.
Website: https://crosstec.org/en/downloads/breezingforms-for-joomla.html 

Breezing Forms and GDPR

General tips for forms 

What you have to to consider when using forms on your website:

  • Only collect necessary data. On a normal contact form you don't need birthdate or address.
  • Use https on your website to secure the data that is being communicated through the form.
  • Email notifications will probably be sent in plain text from your server to the visitor and/or administrator.