Hikashop GDPR

Hikashop is popular webshop extension for Joomla. Webshops need to store personal information like name, address for legal obigations (invoices) and to fullfill a contract (the order).


HikaShop is a native E-Commerce extension for all versions of Joomla. It is built for simplicity and flexibility. It offers a wide range of marketing tools, and statistics to help the admins manage their store.

Website:  https://www.hikashop.com/ 

Hikashop and GDPR

In Hikashops if a visitor, who is not logged in, adds a product to the card, Hikashop stores the IP address.  In the HikaShop configuration you can add a "terms and conditions" view to your "checkout workflow" to get a checkbox during the checkout. You can customize the text using a translation override. 

General tips for webshops

  • use SSL for your website so that all communication is transported through a secured line
  • inform your visitors and customers about cookies
  • only collect necessary data
  • check for payment providers - they are processors and you need processor contracts with them
  • inform what data is stored and how long
  • if you store IP-address inform people
  • are you using a currency convertor? Is it an external JavaScript?

End of Service

Thank you for your interest in this GDPR tool.

We've decided to quit with this service at end of September 2023.
Former customers can download their PDFs until the end of September 2023.