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WordPress GDPR compliance

The WordPress core development team is working on making WordPress GDPR compliance.

WordPress GDPR compliance

At the moment there's a beta version available for testing: WordPress 4.9.6 Beta 1.
That Beta release is focused on adding privacy enhancements to the WordPress core.

WordPress  4.9.6 Beta 1 is available here:  

Some new features in WordPress regarding GDPR

  • Privacy Policy Page
    Adds a functionality to create a Privacy Policypage with some prefilled information that has to be changed for your own site,
    or let it link to an existing privacy policy page
  • Export Personal Data
    Adds the possiblity for users to export their personal data from a WordPress website
  • Remove Personal Data
    Adds a function for its users to remove their personal data entirely from a WordPress website
  • Commenter Opt-in for Cookies
    When a visitor leaves a comment on a WordPress website, a cookie will be saved so that the authors name + email + website can be used for the next comment. To comply with the GDPR the next WordPress version will get an Opt-in "Save my name, email and website in this browser for the next time I comment" that is unchecked by default.

More information about the effort to make Wordpress GDPR compliance: