keyboard for GDPR

Do you have set up a Processing Index for the GDPR in which you describe which personal data you process and how you protect it? Use our Processing Index tool to create your processing index.


The paperless office is a nice concept but might still be science fiction. People often forget that paper can contain personal data and that GDPR applies there too.

Printing documents

  • Modern copymachines and large office printers often have an internal hard disk that stores all the documents that you print or copy.
  • What do you do with misprints or faulty copies? Do you discard them in the dustbin? Please see the item about destroying documents.

Storing documents

  • You might have taken technical measures regarding access to electronic documents. What measures do you take to protect the documents that are printed and stored in a binder in your office?
  • How long do you keep your printed documents?

Destroying documents

  • Recycling old paper documents so that it can be used to make new paper is a good idea from environmental view of point.
    Do you use a shredder to destroy all documents that contain personal information?