One main recommendation to ensure data security within GDPR is encryption of data at rest and data in motion. There are many different ways and tools.

For all these encryption tools: be careful, if you loose your password or key file or other authentication method you will not be able to regain access to your data.

  • If you are on a Windows computer and you use Windows 10 Pro then you can activate Bitlocker for free. It will encrypt your whole windows installation.
  • On some Linux distributions like Debian Linux, you can choose during installation for formatting your harddisk as encrypted LVM volume.
  • For partial encryption of your drive you can consider VeraCrypt. It is an Open Source utility to encrypt your data:
  • If you use cloud storage you can consider Boxcryptor - it is an end-to-end encryption tool for i.e. Dropbox, GoogleDrive, OneDrive,...
  • For single files, you can consider encrypting a zip-folder with 7zip with a strong password:
  • For transmitting data to other people, you can use something like privatebin which you can host yourself: and github

We will add more tools and tips in the next weeks.

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