A browser reveals more information about you then you probably know: location, software versions, currently logged in services,...

You will be really astonished how much information this is.

  • Try to use the same link with a browser in privacy modus (in Firefox: Ctrl+Shift+P) and you will see the difference. However your IP-address and therefore your location is still transmitted.
  • Even if you have installed privacy protection add-ons in your browser, the combination of your operating system + browser + configuration settings are probably unique.  Therefore you are still identifiable.
  • Panopticlick (from the Electronic Fronteer Foundation) shows you how unique you are: https://panopticlick.eff.org/
  • http://webkay.robinlinus.com/
  • Another website does something similar: https://amiunique.org/fp


You can protect your browser by installing a plugin:

  • FireFox: NoScript
  • Chrome: Safescript

End of Service

Thank you for your interest in this GDPR tool.

We've decided to quit with this service at end of September 2023.
Former customers can download their PDFs until the end of September 2023.