Mailchimp GDPR

A popular Software as a Service for sending newsletters is Mailchimp. Newsletters are a nice way to keep in touch with your customers and interested people. Regarding GDPR you will have to take care of a couple of things regarding opt-in, data storing and unsubscribe.


It's an external service.  The service encrypts the transport from browser to their server using TLS/SSL.
The service is available at: 

Mailchimp and GDPR

Some questions:

  • Where do they store its email addresses?
  • Do they store IP addresses? For what purpose? How long?
  • Do you have a Processor Contract with them?

A knowledge base article from Mailchimp about GDPR: 
Mailchimp has some GDPR tools for their service: 

Some general tips  

  • Use double opt-in if available
  • Inform people how they can sign off again
  • Sending and importing Newsletter recipients

End of Service

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