Improvements in our GDPR Tool

Thanks to the feedback of our users we have made a couple of improvements in our GDPR tool that helps you to create a processing index. Furthermore we plan to include new features soon, like copying processing activities.

Five weeks ago we released our GDPR tool and we already have customers from 7 different European countries. We really appreciate the feedback that some of the users gave us and we have used it to improve our GDPR tool.


Changes so far:

  • improved overview of data processing activities list
  • added status + evaluation date for processing activities
  • changed filenames of PDFs to locate them more easily after downloading
  • added printed time in PDF

We will soon add some other improvements to make it even more easy to use our GDPR tool to create your own processing index.

If you have any suggestions for improvements, please let us know

End of Service

Thank you for your interest in this GDPR tool.

We've decided to quit with this service at end of September 2023.
Former customers can download their PDFs until the end of September 2023.